Monday, September 14, 2015

On Permanent Haitus...Again

It's been nearly six years since this blog began.  I don't say much other than post pictures and videos of celebrity women wearing satin and other shiny clothes.  However, for the past two years or so, my
activity on this blog have been decreasingly inactive since it seems that
shiny/satin clothes have become unfashionable these days (at least in America).  Fewer celebs, newsreaders, etc  seem to wear Block-color cotton dresses that
lack shine or regular button-down blouses.  I only post one or two posts these days.
I assume that satin, as well sequin and leather, are used seen as fancy
and to be used for special occasions such as parties and award shows.  Satin could also been seen as too distracting
but that can also be true for cleavage dresses, regardless of fabric.  Also, TV shows and movies, in regards to
fashion fabrics, are so boring these days compared to years past.  Maybe satin, latex, and sequin blouses,
dresses, etc will make a fashionable comeback one day.  Also, I have to do other personal errands not
related to this blog.

I will still do minor tweaks with my Picasa/Google Plus albums, such as adding the name of the celeb/news-presenters under a caption, as well as better organizing each photo. I may still update each of the non-celeb folders.

I would like to thank all the websites/forums for all the images throughout the years, such as CelebsinBlouses, World of Silk Blog,,, Wide World of Women forum, Appreciation of Booted news Women blog, SuperiorPics, Gettyimages, numerous Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook pages, and many others.

Again, this blog will go on a permanent hiatus until otherwise.  Go here if you want to view the blog from the very beginning  and click "Newer Posts" at the bottom of the page or just click on the archives to select a specific date.

Goodbye and until next time, whenever that is.

UPDATE:  I added a brief updated (9/14/15) and added links to flick accounts & pools that post pictures of women in shiny/satin blouses & regular shirts & ties.


  1. Don't closed this blog please post more celebrities pictures &

  2. Hello, you say that satin clothes seem to be unfashionable in the USA. Well, it is not only in the USA. It is also here in Belgium : it has been ages ago, when I saw a woman in a satin blouse here in Belgium. When I was younger, I saw regularly women here, wearing satin blouses. I also don't see it anymore in the stores. Indeed, also on television I don't see women in satin anymore. Also here I saw regularly women in satin blouses on television, when I was younger and in my childhood. I am also desperately hoping that satin clothes will come back soon : the sooner, the better.

  3. Please don't close this blog, even I think that satin, latex & sequin blouses were exotic & I miss them. I am glad to know that many of you have at least seen it but in India no one were such stuff.

    Even if I see one it will be like a greener in middle of a dry desert. :P

    Please don't close this blog ����...