About This Blog

This blog is about my obsession with pictures of women wearing shiny, satin blouses & anything else satin. While most of the pictures I'll be posting consists of famous women (actresses, singers, models, etc.) wearing satin blouses, there will also be pictures of celebs wearing satin tops, dresses, suits, pajamas, & lingerie. I'll even include pictures of women wearing tuxedos, dress shirts, & patterned blouses. While there will be plenty of sexy pictures of women in satin, my goal is NOT to make an adult blog. So there will NOT be any nudity or explicit material such as bondage, hardcore stuff, etc.

The main blog will feature mainly celebrities (actresses, models, singers, socialites, news anchors, etc.) wearing satin blouses (or other blouses on occasion.) I also have a bunch of Picasa Web Albums where I post pictures of lesser-known or Foreign celebrities, shopping models, sexy armature models, and regular women wearing satin blouses.

I do NOT post the following in my blog or web albums:

  • Fake or photoshopped pictures of celebrities or other women in satin blouses (except for very rare exceptions.)
  • Men wearing satin
  • Transsexual/Transgender women or Cross-dressing men in satin blouses or shiny shirts

I hope you enjoy your visit!