Sunday, July 30, 2017

The end of this Blog

Taking an indefinite break from this blog for two reasons.  First, I have other errands to do. Second, it seems that satin is not as fashionable these days as fewer celebs are wearing satin on the TV shows and newscasts and most posts seem to grow smaller when compared to when this blog started over 8 ago. In addition, most of the newer celebs don't seem to wear as much satin/shiny stuff compared to years past. Hopefully, the trend will swing back somehow. Hope to be back real soon. Goodbye and until next time.  Whenever that day comes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Zendaya Coleman - red satin bow blouse

That's it for today. until next time.

Zendaya Coleman - red satin camisole

Kelly Clarkson - gold satin dress

Brooke Shields - black satin blouse

Michelle Trachtenberg - black satin dress

Morgan Fairchild - green satin dress

credit belongs to world of silk blog

Lori Loughlin - light blue satin pajamas

Garage Sale Mystery Woman (2015 TV Movie)

Kendall Jenner - pink satin robe

Patrica Arquette - black satin blouse revisited

Michelle Trachtenberg - orange satin dress

Michelle Trachtenberg - another black satin dress

michelle trachtenberg - purple satin dress

Kristain Alfonso - white pattered satin blouse under suit

Days of Our Lives 6/20/2017