Friday, June 27, 2014

Taking a Break

Taking a break from this blog for two reasons.  First, I have other errands to do. Second, it seems that satin is not as fashionable these days as fewer celebs are wearing satin on the TV shows and newscasts and most posts seem to grow smaller when compared to when this blog started.  Hopefully, the trend will swing back somehow. Hope to be back real soon. Until next time.

Michele Hicks - blue satin bow blouse

actress who appeared in the movie "Mullholland Drive". Thats it for today. Until next time.

Eva Longoria - blue satin blouse & pants

Bo Derek - white satin blouse

Gina Torres - yellow satin blouse/suit

Jennifer Aniston - black silk blouse

unknown actress in white satin blouse

Lifetime tv show "Client List"

Brit Marling - orange satin blouse

Latoya Jackson - maroon satin blouse under suit

Blake Lively - green silk blouse & leather skirt

Jessica Alba - purple satin dress

Aria Giovanni - teal satin lingerie